Meet ASBer: Niko Schultz!


My name is Niko Schultz, and I’m a freshman at the University of Maryland. I’m majoring in math and minoring in Spanish and Japanese. I’m a freshman representative for the Japanese American Student Association at UMD. I’m also the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lead for the Peru project of our Engineers Without Borders chapter. I tutor students at UMD in Spanish and other subjects, and I’m on the planning committee for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I live in the Japanese cluster in the Language House, an immersion living-learning program at UMD. I’m very passionate about international travel; besides the United States, so far I’ve been to Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Peru, China, and Chile. I’m excited to go to the Dominican Republic because I’ll be able to practice my Spanish and learn about the culture, history, and people of country I currently don’t know much about. I hope to visit more foreign countries in the future, especially Spanish-speaking countries. The education aspect of this trip also really interests me because I come from a family of teachers and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher in some way.

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